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How to Upload Documents to our Secure Online Vault Thumbnail

How to Upload Documents to our Secure Online Vault

Our online Vault allows you and us to be able to securely share documents that help in the financial planning process, such as previous tax returns, insurance, estate, investment account information, or other personal information.

First, if you have not set up your account with our online financial planning software, then do that first by clicking here.

If it is your first time with our software, the software will prompt you for some information on your family, income, goals, etc. You are able to skip this by clicking next through the setup.

Once you have entered your information, or skipped through the setup, you will see a gear icon in the upper right. Click that and then click 'Vault' in the sub menu:

Your vault access has two folders:

The 'Shared Folder' is for documents that you want to share with Thirty Mile Financial. If you are uploading a document you want us to see, upload it in the Shared Folder.

The Private folder is for your use only. We can not access or view files that you put in the shared folder. This is there for your convenience as a handy place to store any documents you want secured.

That's all you need to get started!

In case you are interested in more specifics on the security of the document vault here is a link to Right Capital's Date Security Policy.

Documents stored inside the Vault meet and exceed all industry regulations for security.