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How To Worry Less About Money (Part II) Thumbnail

How To Worry Less About Money (Part II)

It's natural to judge other people's money choices. In today's world, with social media amplifying the behavior of nearly everyone we know and see, it's never been easier to apply judgment to other people's financial situations. With money playing such an essential role in the modern world, judging people by how much money they seem to have, or have not, is a near-constant in life.

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How To Worry Less About Money (Part I) Thumbnail

How To Worry Less About Money (Part I)

If you're like most people, you worry about money. Millions of people, young, old, and everybody in between spend countless hours fretting over the state of their finances. Worrying about money is consistently ranked as the number one source of stress in America. Modern American life is expensive. No matter where you live, what your salary is, or how many assets you own. Keeping up with life's expenses, while also saving and planning for the future, can feel downright overwhelming.

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