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Welcome To Thirty Mile Financial! Thumbnail

Welcome To Thirty Mile Financial!

My name is Daniel Tripp, and I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢, U.S. Air Force Veteran, husband, and soon-to-be father. I founded Thirty Mile Financial, an independent fee-only financial planning practice located in San Francisco, California, dedicated to helping professionals and families reach their financial goals. I serve clients locally and across the country through both in-person and virtual meetings.

My journey to the founding of Thirty Mile Financial has been a long road taking me across the country and even around the globe. Over time, I hope to share more about this journey, but more importantly, I hope to learn more about yours. 


For now, I'm going to share a little about myself and why I created Thirty Mile Financial. I'm from a small town outside of Albany, New York, the state capital, named Bethlehem. Bethlehem is a classic suburban community and was an excellent place to grow up. Bethlehem was sheltered enough to be the kind of place where we didn't lock your doors but big enough to allow new ideas to flow, fueling my passion for learning. 

I grew up in a loving home with my parents and three siblings. From an early age, I took an interest in money and finances. As a child, I quickly realized how important money is. Although we lived in a safe and comfortable neighborhood, my family struggled to make ends meet. My parents married young and had four children by the age of 30. They came of age during the golden era of consumer credit cards and used credit to fill in the gaps of their local government salaries. 

My parents did the best they could to take care of our family, and I am grateful for all they have done for me over the years. But as a child, I distinctly remember tense conversations about money, which left a lasting impact on my life. Looking back on my childhood, I've come to realize that my parents provided me with everything I needed to be successful in life, even if we didn't have a lot of money. I grew up in a home lacking nothing, most of all, love. My drive to understand and harness the power of money comes from a desire to never be in a situation where I have to choose between paying the power bill and buying groceries. This desire morphed into a drive to help others harness the power of financial knowledge to better themselves and to create a more secure future.

Beginning of Thirty Mile Financial

I created Thirty Mile Financial because I believe having a financial planner as a partner on your journey can have a profound impact on your life. Also, I know that working with a financial planner will help you develop and sustain healthy financial habits - the key to building wealth. If my parents had received even a little help from a qualified financial planner, I'm pretty sure they would have been able to make better financial choices.  

In today's world, money seems to permeate almost every aspect of our lives. Having strong financial skills is critical to your success. This isn't an opinion. It's a fact. The stakes are pretty high. Personal finance skills aren't taught well in schools. I've heard it said, and I agree with this statement, that solid financial skills are equivalent to 21st-century survival skills.  

My desire to help others on their financial journey began from a place of negativity. Because of my family's relationship with money, as an early teenager and young adult, I felt a lot of shame about how my family's finances compared to those of my peers. As I've learned more about the psychology of money, I have realized that my feelings of shame were misplaced but actually quite normal. It is from these negative feelings that I vowed at a young age to build enough wealth to not have to constantly worry about money.

Driven by these desires, I started working at fourteen. I worked throughout high school, often putting in thirty hours a week as a cook at a local restaurant on top of going to school and having a social life. Because I knew that there was no way to pay for college, and because I didn't want to take out large student loans, I went to a local community college for my first two years of undergraduate work. I then transferred to a state school to finish my bachelor's degree. At the end of my senior year of college, I joined the Air Force because they offered a steady paycheck, an opportunity to develop skills, a sign on incentive bonus, and a promise to pay $10,000 of my student loans.

In my early twenties, I read as much as I possibly could about saving and investing. I thought a lot about keeping my expenses low and avoided consumer debt at all costs. I drove cheap cars and refused to pay exuberant rent. I took an interest in taxation and business, learning as much as I could about how to build wealth. With one of my first paychecks from the Air Force, I started saving and investing.

My desire to learn more about personal finance has shaped the trajectory of my adult life. I've learned to see how my personal money story has affected my life choices. I've accepted the shame I felt growing up in a home where money was a source of anxiety. 

As I've gotten into my late thirties and become more assured of myself, I've come to see that from the seeds of my money insecurities, I now have the opportunity to help others as they too struggle to manage their finances. I have turned my negative feelings into positive ones. I truly believe if I can help others navigate their financial challenges in an authentic, real, and honest way, then I am bringing more peace to the world. It is for this reason that I became a financial planner, and why I created Thirty Mile Financial. 

So, for my inaugural blog post, I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn more about my story and why I started Thirty Mile Financial. If you any questions or would like to speak to me about your financial situation, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing more about your financial journey.