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Developing Solutions 

That Serve Your Needs

Financial Planning Based on Your Needs

Holistic Planning Based on your needs San Francisco, CA Thirty Mile Financial

We help clients in all aspects of their financial life. The goal of our relationship is to take the complexity out of your finances, so you have more time to focus on things that matter most to you.

We're passionate about helping clients organize their finances, determine their financial goals, and implement a financial plan. 

We believe personal financial management doesn't have to be overly complicated and that each person deserves quality financial advice.


  • Values & Goals Analysis
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Management
  • Employer Stock Strategies (Stock Options, RSUs, Concentrated Risk Management)
  • Tax Planning  
  • Net Worth Tracking 
  • Insurance Review
  • Buying A Home or Rental Property 
  • Employee Benefits
  • College Savings
  • Planning For Retirement 
  • Portfolio Distributions Strategies 
  • Estate Planning 
  • Charitable Giving 

Our work together is collaborative. Our goal is to help you organize your finances, educate you on financial topics, and assist you as you navigate financial decisions.

During our first year of working together, we will meet four times. We start by helping you clarify how money fits into your life. Next, we explore your values and goals so that you have a clear picture of your near, intermediate, and long-term objectives. Then, we help organize your finances and provide an initial financial plan. We outline actionable steps to implement your plan and follow-up with ongoing support. 

In subsequent years, we will check in every six months, or more, if necessary, to update your plan. Over time, as circumstances change, we will continue to support you as your financial life adapts to new challenges and opportunities. 

Ongoing Planning

Ongoing Financial Planning San Francisco, CA Thirty Mile Financial

Our Support Includes:

  • Unlimited email and phone support.
  • A list of actionable steps to implement your financial plan.
  • Reminders to keep you on track to meet your financial goals.
  • A secure and simple place to access your financial information. 
  • Coordination with your allied professionals such as tax preparers, insurance agents, and estate attorneys. 
  • Investment advice on outside investment accounts, including employer retirement accounts.

Investment Management 

Investment Management is based on your individual needs and guided by your stated objectives. We’ll discuss and establish your goals in order to:

  • Develop an investment policy statement (which describes your general investment goals and objectives, and the strategies that we will employ to meet those objectives).
  • Propose an investment plan with asset allocation targets.
  • Create and manage your portfolio based on the investment policy and allocation targets.

Investment Principles

We believe investment strategies are best suited to support a financial plan. We ascribe to a disciplined evidence-based passive approach to investing. We believe that investment success is best accomplished by selecting a broadly diversified portfolio of low-cost funds, rebalancing periodically, and tailoring investment strategies to individual time horizons and risk tolerances. We believe spending time “in” the market, and not trying to “time” the market is the key to long-term investing success.  

We also believe that the greatest challenge to investing is not selecting a perfect portfolio, but rather learning how to manage the emotions that arise around money and investing. Emotions can lead to buying and selling decisions for the wrong reasons and at the wrong time. Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, emotions can lead to the neglecting of investments. Both of these behaviors can have negative consequences for building long-term wealth.

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